Fireboy & Watergirl 3 In The Ice Temple

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The dizzying adventures of old friends continue – but in a new place and with new interesting challenges! Meet the game Fireboy and Watergirl 3: in the Ice Temple! Fire Boy and Water Girl successfully coped with your help with the difficult road through the Temple of the Forest and the Temple of Darkness and Light. And now, now they face a new test – even more incredible and exciting! The game Fireboy and Watergirl 3: in the Ice Temple is a continuation of the saga about the adventures of real friends, which has already managed to fall in love with everyone: so deadly different, but at the same time capable of great accomplishments together! Together, Fire Boy and Water Girl travel through the temples of the elements, which were worshiped by the ancient inhabitants of these places. In each of them, riddles and surprises await them, left by many generations of admirers of natural phenomena. Gameplay A lot of exciting arcade levels await you, each of which represents one of the rooms of the Temple, in which the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water must complete a certain task. The essence of the task becomes clear when you look at the shape of the gem, which marks the level on the map! Take a closer look, and you will notice that the stones that initially seemed the same on the tree map of the game's levels, in fact, have a different cut. If the level is marked with a hexagonal stone, then you will have an arcade in which the main characters must get to the finishing doors as quickly as possible. At the same time, speed is the only requirement for moving heroes! Just be careful with traps, which are always a lot in ancient sanctuaries. So, for example, our fiery hero will not like it at all if he gets into a tank of water, just as it would be very unprofitable for a water girl to visit a lake of fire. At the same time, of course, guys can go through the traps of their own elements quite calmly, while also collecting bonuses (which are also very clearly tied to the character’s element). Of course, one cannot do without traps that are equally dangerous for both characters! The game itself warns at the first level that the black swamp will easily absorb and destroy both the Fire Boy and the Water Girl. As you progress through the level, you will have to use ingenious mechanisms left by the ancients. Some of them are enough to activate once, but some have to be held for the time when you still need its action. That's when it comes in handy for our heroes that they do not travel alone! After all, while one holds the button, the second can complete the task and pick up their diamond or go to a previously inaccessible part of the level. Almost all interactive elements are controlled intuitively: stones move when pushed sideways, mirrors reflect the sun's rays, and levers and buttons are pressed by simply stepping on them. The level ends when both heroes reach the finish line and each stand at their own door. If the level is marked with a stone in the shape of a truncated triangle, then you will have almost the same task as in the previous case … With only one condition: the heroes must move at the same time! And finally, the level marked with a brilliant cut diamond is a search quest, the victory in which is achieved at the moment of finding a green diamond, and then – a successful finish at the final doors. Controls in Fireboy and Watergirl 3: In Ice Temple, Fireboy and Watergirl can be controlled at the same time. After all, the Boy-Fire obeys the control buttons with arrows, but the Girl-Water responds to commands from the WAD keys.

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