Fireboy & Watergirl In The Forest Temple

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Do you like exciting arcade games and dream of fabulous adventures? Then meet the first part of the new game Fireboy and Watergirl 1: In the forest temple!! An inseparable couple – the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water are quite unusual, but such a nice little tandem! The main thing is that these guys just can't sit in one place. They have an interesting hobby – wandering through the sanctuaries of the elements and unraveling the secrets of the ancient peoples who served them. And now you meet them in the Forest Temple – the abode of good and not very good spirits, which were worshiped by the ancient inhabitants of these places. Gameplay The forest temple is a mystical and very mysterious place. And most importantly, there are dangers and incredible adventures at every turn! And it is in this place that two brave heroes will have to fulfill their mission. Fire Boy and Water Girl: they are so different, but only their friendship can help them cope with all the difficulties that await along the way! You have a lot of levels that will take you through all the nooks and crannies of the old temple. There is not always a strict linear order in their passage! The game Fireboy and Watergirl 1: In the forest temple has a very complex branching plot, and the map of its passage looks like a tree with many small branches. Please note that the levels are marked with gems of various shapes! It's not just done. Each type of gem corresponds to a certain type of game level. So, if a hexagonal stone is used for the symbol, it means that you have to run to the end doors of the level as quickly as possible, while collecting all the diamonds. Of course, both heroes must run, and each of them must stand at his door. Moreover, the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water can run to the finish line in absolutely any order! Sometimes the presence of heroes at certain points is simply due to the obstacles that they have to overcome, but nothing more. But if the level is marked with a gem in the form of a truncated triangle, then the simultaneous movement of the heroes becomes mandatory. Despite this small condition, these levels are very similar in their meaning to the previous ones! And, finally, if the level is marked with a brilliant-cut diamond, then the characters you control will need to get a green diamond on it, and having already taken possession of it, go to the exit. In order to complete the mission, you need to very skillfully use the advantages of each of the heroes. After all, places filled with water, inaccessible to the Boy-Fire, the Girl-Water passes easily; and even get bonuses for it! And each character has its own bonuses. That is, the Boy-Fire can pass by water crystals a hundred times, but this will not change anything, neither adding nor subtracting your points. But as soon as Water Girl lays her cool hand on the same crystals, everything changes dramatically, and this bonus is counted when summing up the level. Sometimes it is basically impossible to move from one part of the level to another without the well-coordinated teamwork of these cheerful and nimble guys. After all, the temple is rich not only in ingenious traps, but also intricate mechanisms that still need to be able to set in motion. Of course, this does not mean that there are no places in the game that are equally dangerous for a fire and water character! You will encounter one of them already at the very first level: the green lake, unfortunately, is ruthless towards both friends. But even these deadly swamps can be perfectly overcome if you use the ingenuity and the best qualities of each of our heroes. Controls in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 1: In the forest temple You can play this game alone, or you can invite a friend so that each of you controls your character. After all, you can command the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water at the same time. At the same time, the fire character obeys the control arrows (right and left arrows – move forward and backward, up arrow – jump), and the water girl – WAD combinations (A and D – move forward and backward, W – jump). As the game progresses, hints always appear near new objects, written, however, in English. Also, in English, there is also an instruction that will help you remember the basic rules if you forget them during the game.

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