Galactic Gems 2

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Puzzle bomber "Match 3: Galaxy Gems" will capture your attention for a long time. Without exaggeration, this is the most gambling game of the section. It starts traditionally: with the mouse you change precious galactic crystals adjacent to each other, trying to collect lines of three identical pieces. As soon as a few of them disappear from the screen, the fun begins in the game. Bonuses will appear – multi-colored galactic stones from distant planets, badges and dynamites. Projectiles are capable of smashing the playing field to shreds. To blow up the stones, it is enough to swap them with any neighboring crystal, and the explosion will thunder. Multi-colored galactic meteorites change to form a group in a row with gems of various colors. Signs can eliminate the entire row. To win the game "Match 3", you need to earn three stars in the allotted time.