Green Man Smash

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Hulk Vs All is a wonderful action game and exciting exciting fights. The game takes place in the Avengers universe. There, the Incredible Green Giant will fight his opponents. The only weapon that Bruce Banner uses in battles with his enemies is his truly Incredible strength. In the first levels, it will be quite easy for you to defeat all opponents and get to the very end of the level. There, another hostile superhero will be waiting for you, whom you will also have to defeat. At the first level it will be Wolverine, at the second level Thor will meet you. And what opponents are waiting for you next – find out for yourself by going through the game to the end! Do not forget to destroy different objects, inside you can find various useful things. To perform a combo attack, hit the enemy several times in a row. Game Controls: Arrow Keys: Move Right Double Press: Run Right Left Double Press: Run Left Z: Punch X: Jump C: Kick Space: Kick From Above play all Hulk games!

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