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The online game "Crocodile" was created by the famous developer Drawpico specifically for the Russian-speaking audience. This is the original multiplayer mix of drawing and word generator. It can be played by two to ten to fifteen users at the same time. The gameplay of the online game "Crocodile" includes 15 rounds, each of which takes place under the motto – "draw and guess". The participant with the most points wins. There are two ways to play: be the leader, drawing something on your own, and guessing what is shown on the screen. It is important for the latter to have time to figure out what is drawn before others. Only then does he get points. The number of points scored is cumulative. For reasons of efficiency, online Crocodile players can team up. The more people, the more chances to guess what the "artist" meant. You can compete both with other teams and with individual users. The distribution of roles: who draws and who guesses, occurs automatically before the start of each round.

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