Hero Clicker

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Here is another simple clicker toy. From other similar "Hiro Clicker" is distinguished by excellent bright graphics and animation of all characters. The point is to destroy the monsters. Every fifth of them is larger and healthier than the rest, that is, this is the boss. To complete the assigned tasks, you are given one hero for free. Upgrade his strength and skills to increase the effectiveness of his strikes. Points are awarded for each victory. For them, in addition to pumping in the "heroes" tab, you can buy other fighters. One of the most useful skills is auto-damage. It strikes without user intervention, which prolongs the life of a computer mouse. The game works to save the current level online. Therefore, you can exit at any time to continue playing when you have free time and desire. It will be difficult to achieve any limits in leveling characters, if they are provided by the creators of this clicker at all.

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