Heroes Legend

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Game Knights for two invites you to go on a long and exciting journey. Here you control a knight who is excellent with a sword. The knight goes on a long journey, but on the way he will definitely meet enemies. Lots of enemies. A lot of enemies. Therefore, the game Knights for two invites you to react in time and destroy opponents. Use all your programmed skills for this. After the destruction of any of the enemies, you will see coins that you need to immediately collect. Do not delay collecting them, because after a while the coins may disappear! Along the way you can find wooden chests full of gold, don't go past them. The game can be played both alone and together. The second option is the best, because it allows you to enlist the help of a friend. The game consists of a large number of levels, which are all marked on the map. You can get to the next location only when you completely pass the previous one and kill all the opponents on the level.

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