Hot Wheels: Track Builder

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This time, Hot Wheels Racing offers gamers more than just competition. Anyone who starts playing can build their own track using the online builder provided. True, not all elements in it are available for free. How to play At the very beginning of the game for the construction you need to select the appropriate section. Then just substitute the desired block from the list on the left side of the screen, and it will itself join the finished track segment. The dimensions can be anything: the boundaries of the stadium where the Hot Wheels race is held expand automatically. At any time, the user can start the car and test a new track. Those who do not want to construct anything can immediately sit down to play racing. In this case, the key to success will be not only a successful finish, but also the gold coins collected on the track. They will be required to upgrade the machine. Hot Wheels is designed for one player only. But you can have fun with friends in turn, creating interesting and complex tracks for each other.

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