Jelly Bomb

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The popularity of the jelly bear Valerka is growing every day, now you can even play an exciting game with him. But you will have to strain your brains and train your logic. According to the terms of the game Jelly Bear Valerka, you have to do pyrotechnic experiments, as a result of which the game screen must be completely cleared. Immediately after the launch, you will see a field with a lot of arrows and jelly bears. It is worth clicking on any of them, as bombs will start flying out of the unfortunate one. In random order, they will fall on the field and explode. The puzzle will be considered solved when absolutely all the elements disappear. After that, a new stage of the game about jelly bears will open. Gradually, the levels will become more difficult, and the number of jellies on them will increase. Finding the right solution will become more difficult, but more interesting. Basic rules So, the main task of the game about the jelly bear is to get rid of all the elements on the playing field as quickly as possible. They can be placed anywhere, but you need to figure out the sequence of movement of the bombs so that the playing space is completely cleared. If it doesn't, you will lose. A small bonus from the developers: after losing, the game does not start from the beginning, but from the level that you could not pass. If the bomb you fired hits the arrow on the screen, it will change direction and fly in the exact opposite direction. Keep this in mind when you start shooting. And pay attention: from time to time, smaller “valery” appear on the playing field. It is more difficult to blow them up than ordinary ones, since from the first hits they do not disappear, but, on the contrary, grow. But if you do not pay attention to the strange reaction of the jelly and continue to bomb, sooner or later they will explode and disappear.

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