Kogama Blocks Real

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The multiplayer sandbox "Roblox Minecraft" offers to confront gamers from all over the world. The game location is a lagoon assembled from rectangular blocks, along which boats and large ships move. Each participant controls a small square man that looks like a robot. To play Roblox Minecraft for a long time and successfully, you need to focus on two tasks – survival and exploration of the world around you. Basic rules If you believe the announcements, Roblox opposes Minecraft, the developers position it as a new competitor to the well-known sandbox. In fact, the game is more like a plagiarism: it copies the concept of "open world with Steve", simplifying it due to the lack of crafting and transferring it to a new location. You have to control a baby robot that appears on a huge ship. Here he can get a gun and pick up money. In parallel, certain amounts of money are automatically credited to his account all the time while he is in the game. They can be spent on building blocks, new clothes, and other interesting chips to upgrade your character. For example, racing cars with turbo engines, an indispensable jetpack for parkour, and a strange thing that looks like a soccer ball with a cabin inside are available in Roblox Minecraft. It can move on vertical surfaces.

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