Kogama Granny Horror

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After starting the sandbox game "Granny 2" you will find yourself in a huge three-story house with a basement. The goal of the passage is to get out. But all the front doors are locked. You can’t climb onto the roof – poisonous green rain is falling over it. Even a few seconds under it is enough to get poisoned and fly out of the game "Granny 2". Behind the only window of the house gapes a huge abyss. If you risk jumping into it, you won’t be able to play Granny 2 anymore either – you’ll break into a cake. The only chance to leave the building is to find auxiliary items, ideally – to find the key. This will help you with a magic pill on the first floor closet (temporarily reduces the hero) and a Halloween mask in the basement. Carefully study the location, look for active items and think about how they can be used. To control the main character of "Granny 2" – a man in a vest, use the WASD keys. Since the game is multiplayer, you will definitely have competitors. Try to be quicker than others, because there is only one set of items for the exit.

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