Kogama Hello Neighbor (Alpha 2)

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Online project "Hello neighbor alpha 2" multiuser. And this means that you will have to play with other real gamers, who will become your character's neighbors. You will not have time to leave the house in which it will appear after loading, as someone will definitely send you greetings in the form of a bullet or a grenade. Therefore, before you go out into the streets of a small town and start enjoying life, look around to get at least some kind of weapon for free. And make sure that it always has a full load of ammunition. When you run out of ammo, replenishing them is easy: just pick up the same gun. It will be fun to play the game even when there are only 2 characters in the online city. They can arrange a hide-and-seek war with each other in the spirit of the Alpha special forces. For communication in Russian or English with other players, a chat is provided. Management – mouse and keyboard.

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