Kogama: Ninja run Pro

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If you need online games for boys 8 years and older, Kogama will do. Three-dimensional graphics, third-person view, dangerous adventures. And most importantly, you can play Kogama for free. The passage consists of many stages, interesting for the boys. But access to all but the first is closed until the gamer has the required number of stars. Shooters, as in other Kogama projects, are absent here. This is war in Kogama 4. And in this game you need to do parkour, overcoming various obstacles. It will not be easy to play, but it is quite possible even for those who are 8 years old. It is better to expand the map to full screen. If you get bored, you can download the shootouts in Kogama 2 or the part about the zoo. All projects in the series are available for free.

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