Kogama Phoenix vs God

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The game "Roblox Titanic" is a dynamic multiplayer fighting game for those who like to wave their fists from the heart. You need to manage it with a little man who looks like a robot. Before you start playing Roblox Titanic, it is important to decide on the server. There are four of them, choose the one that is closer to you geographically. On each server, players are waiting for 8-10 locations stylized as Lego blocks. Participants are divided into two groups: good guys and bad guys. Representatives of different teams fight each other in PvP mode. Some of them are armed with knives, others with pistols. The main goal of the game "Roblox on Titanic" is survival. There are many maps in the fighting game: a huge ship at sea, a pier, an airstrip, etc. Character control: WASD keys – to move, space bar – to jump, left mouse button – attack the enemy.

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