Kogama The Floor Is Lava

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To play Roblox: the floor is lava for a long time and successfully, you will need ingenuity. The most popular multiplayer sandbox of recent years is waiting for you on the screen. The goal of the player is to survive at any cost. After starting, you will find yourself in a giant location, assembled from Lego blocks, and you will control an angular little boy that looks like a robot. The difficulty of passing the game "Roblox: the floor is lava" is that there is almost no time for reflection. You can not leave the hero in a secluded corner and take a break. Under his feet, literally, "the earth is burning." About 70% of the game map is occupied by areas filled with molten lava. If you stay on them for more than 5 seconds, you will die, losing all your bonuses. There is no save option in the sandbox, so you will have to start playing Roblox: The Floor Is Lava again. Controls To get to the Roblox Lava Escape menu, press the M key. The H button allows you to switch to HD mode. And do not forget: the game traditionally has a lot of users. Some of them will want to get rid of your character in order to grab some of his resources. Shoot from enemies with the left mouse button. The Q key allows you to holster a weapon, and the V key allows you to use a special type of weapon. To move the character around the screen, use the buttons with the letters WASD. When you need to jump over something, press the space bar. Try to avoid areas covered with lava. If you feel like you're losing, press the K button. It allows you to start over and return the character to the start of the game.

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