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Online game "Mini Battles" "MiniBattles" offers a collection of 28 different games that can be played by up to 6 participants at the same time. Start the game, call your friends and arrange battles in "MiniBattles". Distinguish yourself in skirmishes, tank battles, helicopter flights, boat races, car derby, mini football. Your mini heroes will be brave soldiers, medieval knights, huge spiders, elusive ninjas, ferocious pirates, wild vikings, boxers, goblins, monsters and others. "MiniBattles" will also be found for every taste. Fight with a friend for two or set the game mode for 3,4,5,6 gamers and start massive battles.

ALL GAMES Bombers Cool Escape for two Fights for two Fire and Water For 3 player HTML5 Racing for two Shooters for Two Two for boys Two girls Two Players Walkers for two