Minion Jigsaw Puzzle

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The game "Minions" is designed for those who like to collect puzzles. It is great for developing logical thinking in boys and girls. And of course it will cause wild delight among fans of the yellow creatures from the cartoon "Despicable Me". Gameplay You don't need to download anything. The mode of passage is only online. The game is available to use for free. Immediately after downloading, it is proposed to choose one of nine pictures, which depict minions at different points in their lives. Next, the user gets to the screen where he has to assemble this picture from thirty fragments. This is not difficult, since a semi-transparent finished image is used as the background. Since the puzzle is designed for children, playing Minions is quite simple. If the selected fragment does not fit, it simply will not “fit” where the user is trying to define it. A suitable piece, on the contrary, sticks to its place instantly. It is best to start the assembly from the corner and extreme fragments. After completing one picture, you can choose another and continue playing online.

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