Minion Pool Party

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"Minions: Paradise" is a game that, first of all, will appeal to girls. The main characters – three cheerful yellow characters from the popular cartoon "Despicable Me", got to the island. There they had a fun party in the online pool, and gamers have a chance to join them. Passage The game about a piece of paradise, in which the minions found themselves, is divided into two large stages. On the first user will have to work hard on the appearance of the characters. To do this, you need to take creams, shampoos, balms from the tables on the screen and apply them to the minions sitting in the water. Arrow hints will help you not to get confused in the tubes. Clean washed heroes can be dressed up. A set of things is provided free of charge and is located on the right side of the screen. With their help When everything is ready, you can begin to move in. There will be no guests – apparently, the island is uninhabited. But even without outsiders, it’s not boring here. To begin with, gamers will have to feed the yellowies with ice cream, and then blow up the paradise with music, turning it into one huge disco. .

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