Mope io

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The multiplayer game "" is a colorful survival simulator that clearly demonstrates how the food chain works in the animal world. If you are small and weak, anyone can eat you. If you grow up a little and get stronger, the situation will quickly change, and there will be fewer people who want to dictate terms. But you will have to start playing from the lowest level. You can choose to be a tiny field mouse or a small shrimp. Both live in a fantasy space that is part forest, part ocean. Other waterfowl and land creatures scurry nearby: hedgehogs, crabs, hares, whales, snakes, etc. They are managed by numerous users. The game "Mope io" is very popular, it is always crowded with a lot of people. Pay attention to the outline of the characters. It can be green blue or red. The first are beginners like you, the second are players who have picked up a little HP, the third are the most dangerous. Participants with a red outline are predators that can devour you at any second. If you want to play happily ever after, stay away from them. Management To move the little animals on the screen enough mouse. While your character is small, the first thing to do with him is to feed him intensively. Feed balls scattered in "Sea io" in full screen: find and eat. But avoid food with a green outline – you will get poisoned and fly out of the game. Along the way, follow the scale at the bottom of the screen. It records whether your character has drunk enough water. The level drops quickly and you need to replenish it in time. And be careful: the entire Mopio field is littered with round traps. Having dived into such, you can swim out decently reduced in size. Do you want to know other secrets of passage? Press Enter and enter the game chat.

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