Racing Cars 1

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The Racing 3 game was created especially for those who love high speeds and sports cars. Has long been mired in the routine of boring daily affairs, suffocating from a lack of vivid impressions and emotions? Racing 3 game will quickly return your life taste, color, filling it with pleasure and adrenaline. And all this without any effort on your part. Racing 3 game – an opportunity to be on the steepest and most dangerous tracks in the world in the blink of an eye. Ready to be behind the wheel of one of the most sophisticated and powerful cars in the world, not only without leaving the room, but without even changing the position on the chair in front of the PC? However, in this colorful and dynamic entertainment, this is not possible. The toy creates an almost complete effect of being on a real race track. There is a clear feeling that this incredible adventure is really happening to you. And you are really invited to become a participant in racing competitions that are held between the owners of fast and powerful sports cars. You also have to choose for yourself a suitable car from among those offered. Pick the car that best suits you. Pay attention to the fact that each car has its own characteristics, and they are displayed on the screen. There are a huge number of cars to choose from, they differ not only in technical characteristics, but also in appearance. Surely you can find the coolest car for yourself! Race Game 3: Rules and Structure Once you have decided on a car, you can start racing. To test the car, you can start a test drive and just drive on any of the presented race tracks. Thanks to this, you will be able to understand whether the chosen car really suits you, whether everything is in order with its control, whether it moves at a decent speed. And in order to start a real competition, the Racing 3 game suggests that you first specify all the important game parameters. So, you can choose the number of opponents, the number of laps you need to complete, etc. Finally, when all the characteristics are indicated, you can safely proceed to the race. Your task is simple and clear: you need to overtake everyone and reach the finish line first. To do this, keep your speed and try not to collide with fences, because it slows down the car a lot. On the screen during the race, you will see a schematic image of the track, where your car is marked with a blue icon, and opponents' cars are marked with red. Thus, you can assess the situation on the track at any time. Speed and sharp turns: nothing else is needed! Thanks to the game Racing 3 you can feel like a real pro driver who fearlessly drives a sports car. It was you who had the honor to participate in the races, and this unique opportunity should not be missed. It's not every day that you get to drive such luxurious cars as are presented in the game! Therefore, feel free to choose one of them for yourself and go to the track, where the spectators who have come to enjoy the race are already looking forward to seeing you. Try not to disappoint them!

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