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Rummikub is a popular board game that can now be played online in multiplayer mode or with friends. Click Play. In the menu you will see 3 modes. Click "Play Now" to battle other gamers. Click "Private Game" and invite your friends. The essence of the game: to throw off all the chips faster than others. To do this, during the moves you need to lay out at least 3 blocks. These must be consecutive numbers of the same color (for example, 1,2,3,4 are red). Or a group of the same denomination, but different colors (sevens of four tones). Click the checkbox to go. The "777" button will allow you to classify the chips. Jokers (muzzles) are inserted into any combination. If your combination did not score 30 points or there is nothing to look like, take a penalty chip from the deck on the left. Sometimes it turns out to throw your numbers into other people's ranks.

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