Sahara Invasion

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The online game "For 2 Tanks" for two gamers invites fans of Dandy-style tank war games to fight in a dangerous labyrinth. In terms of gameplay, the game is completely reminiscent of Dendy's tanks, but is made with high-quality modern graphics. The 2nd invasion has begun in the Sahara and you have to fight with armadas of enemy tanks to protect your base. By entering the single player mode, you will fight against PC bots. But it is much more interesting to choose option 2 and fight with opponents for two with a friend. As in Dandy, the headquarters is located below. From above, through the labyrinths, enemy tanks are approaching him. Defeat them all. You will find several levels of difficulty and a lot of exciting levels in the game. Don't forget to collect power-ups that will make your fight easier.

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