Shimmer and Shine: Genie Rific Creations

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During the online game "Shimmer and Shine: Create a Genie" you will be asked to be creative. In it, you can "assemble" your own wish maker for free. First, choose the gender of the future gin. Then start creating, coming up with an original image for the character. Shine and Shimmer offer the magician to choose a cool hairstyle, outfit, jewelry, suitable eye and skin color. After you deal with the genie, move on to creating a hero that he will serve. You also need to work on the palace in which the new cartoon character will live. Wizards from Shimmer & Shine: Create a Genie don't live in lamps, they need a great castle, so choose cute towers and decor to match. After the work is completed, evaluate the result. It can be saved by clicking on the corresponding button. You can also restart the gameplay and come up with other genies and their pets.

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