Silly Snakes io

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The multiplayer online game invites you to fight with gamers from all over the world for the right to dominate the kingdom of worms. In terms of gameplay, the Slither io arcade resembles Agario, only instead of circles, worms act as heroes. Before the start of the Slitherio tournament, enter a nickname and choose a snake. To review the range of "Slither", scroll through the side arrows. Here you will find worms of different colors. Then click the "Select" button to confirm your selection. In the Slither version of io you will be transported to a field full of worms. Move around the location of the game using the mouse. Collect scattered multi-colored balls in then your snake will be able to gain mass and grow in the game. If the worm needs to speed up, press the left key. But keep in mind: from high-speed movements, the worm decreases in size. Also, unlike other types of Slitherio, in this free game, any collisions with rivals are deadly, so show off your reaction speed and dexterity to make the worm survive. In the lower corner of the game, a Slither mini-map is given to make it easier to navigate in space.

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