Slither io

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The online game "Slither io" is a multiplayer browser-based entertainment that instantly fell in love with most Internet users. Our site offers to play it for free, without additional downloads and installations. The goal of Slither io is to control a worm-like avatar to grow the biggest snake on the server. The author of the idea, 32-year-old American developer Steve Howes, did not even imagine that in the first months after publication, his toy would fall into the TOP-10 most popular applications in the world. Kid Slither managed to compete even with such giants as Facebook and YouTube. In July 2016, Alexa Internet ('s subsidiary specializing in commercial web traffic data analysis) named the browser version of one of the 1000 most visited sites on the planet, and its iOS version became the most frequently downloaded application. in the App Store. The version for Android was presented even earlier – on March 27, 2016. And if before the creation of "Slither io" the main headache of Hawes was finding a monthly search for money for rent, after the publication of the game, he does not experience a lack of finances. Slither io is said to bring the author up to $100,000 a day. Rare app achieves this level of viral success. Basic Rules Playing is relatively simple. With rules, it resembles the hit of 2015 –, and the classic arcade "Snake". Up to 500 people can play the game at the same time: if there are more users, glitches appear. And often become a reason for criticism. Steve Howes does not have time to adapt the application to the growing needs of users. And there are more and more people who want to play with a small snake every day. Before the start of the game, choose a name for the snake-like avatar and enter it in a special field. After launch, your ward will appear on the screen under a new nickname. At first, it will be tiny, but as the food is eaten, it will lengthen and thicken. Food – multi-colored dots scattered throughout the game map. These are the remains of alien avatars eaten by larger snakes. If you don't learn to react quickly to danger, your "snake" will suffer the same fate. I must say that a good reaction is the main condition for success in "". It will help to notice the danger in time and move away from it to a safe distance. She will be needed when a strange snake catches up with the victim. In such cases, a real mountain of food is formed in one place. And it is better to be somewhere nearby in order to have time to snatch a piece, because such a freebie will not last long. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow up in the early stages of We advise you to actively use it. Use the mouse to move the avatar around the screen. The gameplay of "Slither io" is convenient and simple. To defeat and grow the longest snake in the game, follow the rules: Eat as much food as possible, Make sure that your avatar's head does not touch the snakes of other players, To eat a smaller character, try to wrap a ring around him, Do not let other players "take » into the ring of you, Remember: the more the avatar becomes, the slower it is.

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