SpongeBob SquarePants And The Saviours Of Slime

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Every day of SpongeBob is full of incredible adventures. This time, SpongeBob and his Nickelodeon comrades will save biological weapons from Plankton's assassination attempts, and you in the game need to help them with this. Obsessed with wanting to rule the world, Plankton infiltrated Nickelodeon's secret bunker to steal the slime recipe. It's good that the alarm went off and the slime defenders arrived in time. Equipped with a spacesuit, Sponge led the first fighter. Squidward has to prevent an army of sea urchins from invading the Krusty Krab. Click in the game with the mouse in front of them so that the octopus forges the thorns into a bubble. With a successful defense, Plankton will be washed away from the bunker by a stream of mucus.

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