Squid Prison Games

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The game "Squid Prison Games" is an adrenaline survival runner in which you will become a participant in the deadly "Into the squid" competitions held in Minecraft. To start, press "Play" and the first number in the list. To start the round, click "Tap Or Click". Use the cursors to move the Minecraft hero. To win a level, you need to run to the red finish line. You can move while the doll is turned back. When she turns her face and the field turns red, stop, otherwise the Squid soldiers will shoot you. In this game, the doll sings all the time, so don't be guided by her song. Manage to get to the expiration time on the timer. In the next level, barrels will appear on the "In the squid" field of Minecraft. Don't get close to them or you'll die.

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