Stickman Street Fighting 3D

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The essence of the game "Stickman fights" is to help a lone stickman defeat a crowd of villains who have surrounded him from all sides. You need to act quickly. It is worth gaping even for a minute, as the unfortunate Stickman will be hacked to death and trampled by enemies. To prevent this from happening, move the character around the screen using the following set of keys: W-jump, A-left move, D-right move, K-kick, J-enemy attack, L-lance attack. And don't forget to watch the birds. Throughout the game, they hover over the heads of stickmen and drop flasks with a health potion on them. Try to pick up the magic potion before it disappears. From enemy blows, the scale of your character's life is melting before our eyes, and only a health potion can restore his strength. In general, it is a pity that the game "Stickman Fights" for two players is not designed. Fighting enemies side by side with a friend would be much more interesting.

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