Tank Wars

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The vicissitudes of the wonderful game Tanks for Two will make you squeal with delight. If you, in principle, love colorful shooting games. This toy is a real find for every sofa-computer strategist who fancies himself a great commander. You think that Kutuzov, in comparison with you, is a miserable newcomer who surrendered Moscow. No problem! Become a member of the Tanks for Two game and show a real class of strategic skill. You have fifteen amazing levels ahead of you. How to play One of the players uses a set of arrow keys to control his military equipment, the other uses the letters WASD. To shoot at enemies, you need a cursor and a mouse. Each tank can not only wet enemy vehicles, but also destroy obstacles that had the misfortune to appear on its way: wooden boxes (they may contain some kind of pleasant surprise), stone walls, metal squares, and so on. Cool ability! But behind it lies a catch: most players, carried away, begin to shoot everything in a row and lose their vigilance. But behind any of the inanimate obstacles, an ambush can be hidden. For example, three or five enemy tanks armed to the teeth. How do you think the outcome of the battle will end in this case? So, if you want to become the winner of all fifteen levels of the Tanks for Two game, become not only the fastest, but also dexterous, prudent, attentive and oooooo very careful. Deal? Then fight! As they say, the gods do not burn the pots. The structure of the game Tanks for Two As already noted, the toy consists of 15 levels with gradually increasing trickiness. Anything, but you definitely won't be bored with them. In addition, for each of the levels you can set one of three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. We advise you to start with the simplest. Even if you are an experienced strategist and brilliantly played a single virtual game, a simple level will give you the opportunity to aim and understand the logic of the toy. And after that, with new forces and experience gained, you can get involved in the battle at the highest speeds. And the game also has a virtual store where you can always upgrade your tank to the highest level: strengthen armor, increase speed, change the turning angle, and so on. True, all this costs money, which a newcomer who has just entered the game does not have. But after each successful operation, your virtual account will be replenished, which means that you should not forget the path to the store. And save, by the way, too. Without additional bells and whistles, becoming the winner of the game Tanks For Two will not work.

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