Tom & Jerry The Movie Mousetrap Pinball

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Game "Tom & Jerry The Movie Mousetrap Pinball" is an exciting arcade game in Russian in which you can play a fun pinball with a mousetrap with Tom and Jerry. Click "Play" to get started. See the instructions and get started. A field for a board game of pinball will open in front of you. Hold down the cursor "Down" or the left mouse button, and then release to throw the ball on the field. Click on the blades or click on the side cursors to throw the ball. Hitting objects, he will knock out points. Be careful that the ball does not fall into the mousetrap (green circle with a red cross at the top of the field): then the round will be lost. Also, make sure that the ball does not roll out of the field. ATTENTION! To prevent the screen from moving up while the ball is being launched, you can open the game in full screen.

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