Traffic Command

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The Railroad game is a unique representative of the genre of brain-building puzzles. The purpose of the most interesting and addictive game Railway is the regulation of railway communications. You, as a track and message manager, have to switch switches on the railroad tracks so that the trains arrive at the right place and do not collide. The trains have cars of different colors, the red car should come to the red station, the blue one to the blue station, and so on. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that you have not one train at your disposal, but several, and each of them moves continuously, sometimes at different speeds. A large number of railway tracks and directions in which trains can move confuse the player. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful and have a good reaction. The game has a competitive moment. Each level is timed, the faster you pass, the better. Feel like a real railway worker in this exciting real-time puzzle game! The game Railroad has a large number of levels that are not similar to each other. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Pleasant graphics and musical accompaniment will not irritate, and convenient control does not need a long study. On the playing field, all the places for switching tracks are marked, you can change the direction of the train with one click. A variety of levels allow you to pass the time well, because to pass each of them you have to come up with a new strategy. This flash game is suitable for children and adults.

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