Who Is Imposter

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"Who Is Imposter" is an exciting multiplayer io game in which you will go to a spaceship and become an Among As impostor or start hunting another traitor. To start playing, enter a nickname and press the arrow and "Start". Every time you have a role to play. If there are buttons for sabotage on the right, then you need to act as an impostor. Roam around the station, look for astronauts and kill them by clicking "Kill". Just do it in secret so that no one sees and recognizes the impostor. If you get caught, you lose. You can also click on "Sabotage". There, click on any of the two icons. If you get the role of an ordinary astronaut, then try to find out in the game who the traitor is. ATTENTION! To prevent the playing field from moving up, open the game in full screen. If the astronaut is stuck, click on the screen with the mouse.

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