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During the game Worms 2 you have to control a terrible creature that lives underground. It constantly wants to eat, so the main problem for the player is to solve the problem of feeding the giant worm. Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move the troglodyte in the desired direction. As soon as you see the target, jump out of the ground and grab it. For each creature eaten, reward points are awarded, the number of which is fixed at the bottom of the screen. Try to act as accurately as possible, because if the worm jumps out β€œidle”, people and animals will notice it and scatter. This is fraught with the fact that your ward will remain hungry. So it is no wonder that soon even fly out of 2 games about worms, because the monster will not last too long without food. Please note that food can be found not only on the surface, but also in the bowels of the earth.

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