Zombie Cant Jump

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What is happening in the wild American open spaces! Help the Mexican defeat the zombies in Kill Zombies: Tequila Boom!! You can hardly find a more dangerous place than the Mexican border! After all, where there are always a lot of crooks and illegal migrants, it is simply not safe to be. And the number of criminals and illegal immigrants on the border of Mexico and the United States simply rolls over! Terrible, dirty, shabby, drunk – there just aren’t any! If at the Mexican border you even come across a shadow of a person, it’s better to stay away from it. But, unfortunately, such heightened vigilance does not last long. As they say, a person gets used to everything! And everyone gets used to the feeling that any stranger can be a danger even faster than, say, adverse weather conditions or cheap, disgusting-smelling beer. After all, when such types surround you every day, not a single week passes without murders and high-profile robberies, but at the same time you yourself are still alive, safe and sound – little by little you begin to believe that all these dangers definitely do not concern you. But something must happen – because otherwise there would not be this game where you have to kill Zombies. Gameplay real zombie! And neither his indistinct mooing, nor outstretched hands, nor crazy, absent-looking eyes will convince you. After all, where tequila easily intervenes in the matter, any such external signs do not cause any surprise … Fortunately, in the game Kill Zombies: Tequila Boom you yourself act as a tipsy Mexican, but because the Chinese never get confused in determining whether , to which particular nationality the next representative of the Asian race belongs and will never mistake for a Chinese, say, a Mongol (although the rest of the world will stubbornly confuse them), so the Mexican will perfectly distinguish his fellow from a drunken zombie from a suddenly appeared …. Rest assured, now you are surrounded by enemies! Many of them look more like ordinary immigrants, many less – it all depends on when the next person was infected with a terrible virus and turned into a zombie – but they are all your enemies! And if you do not fight them off, famously brandishing your machete, they will very quickly tear you to shreds with their terrible teeth! Game Controls Kill Zombies: Tequila Boom! Control your Mexican with the keyboard. To move forward and backward on a fairly limited playing field, use the left and right arrow buttons, to swing the machete, press the up arrow. You can also press the spacebar to attack! At the same time, at the very beginning, while you still do not have any firearms, the attack will be close – a wave of the machete. But if you have already managed to grab the gun from the box by clicking on the down arrow, being near it, then the spacebar will be responsible for firing from this gun – until you run out of ammo. (but the up arrow will always let you fight with melee weapons – even if you have a pistol). You also need to use the down arrow to pick up dollars and bottles of tequila falling from the sky. Remember that tequila is the source of your superpower! Each bottle you drink in Zombie Kill Boys temporarily doubles your damage in combat. In addition, when the tequila level indicator in the lower right of the playing field reaches the maximum, you can press Enter to activate your powerful tequila boom attack. This attack will immediately destroy all the zombies in the radius of view on the side in which the Mexican is turned.

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