Zombie Hunters Online

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In Zombie 4: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, you have to fight alone against a whole army of aggressive zombies!! Often in wars with zombies, the task of "winning" is not even set! The only thing you can strive for is to survive. Either for some time, when government troops and doctors appear and clear the area of this abomination, or until you manage to escape to some other place where there are no zombies and there weren't. And hopefully it won't. Gameplay That's why in the Zombie 4: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse task, your really cool hero is not even offered to use the resources he has to work hard to win this war. One in the field is not a warrior, everyone knows this – all the more so if you are against such an amount of unreasonable, but no less stubborn physical force. And people obviously do not forget your hero! Every now and then something falls from the plane on a parachute: either a rifle, or a new clip for an easel machine gun on the roof … Like, hold on, dude! We remember you, help is near. Why, however, they do not want to simply lift the sufferer onto the same plane is incomprehensible … Controls in the game Zombie 4: Survive the zombie apocalypse Control the movements of your character in the game using the arrow keys. Using the left and right arrows, he will walk forward and backward, and the up and down arrows will allow him to move along the rope ladder. To shoot, press the space bar! Moreover, what you shoot from depends on where you are. It's just that on level ground you only have a gun for shooting (of course, there must be cartridges in it, otherwise nothing will come of it). But if you climb onto a machine-gun tower, you will be able to fire at the surroundings from above already from it. In this case, the arrow keys will help you aim. To use interactive objects (for example, open a box or get into a car), hold down the X key. Moreover, sometimes you have to hold it down for an action for a long time – in this case, an action progress bar appears near the character.

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