Anna And Kristoff Kissing

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You and your boyfriend just love sports. You carefully monitor your health, figure and physical form, in general, you are for a healthy lifestyle and Misha Mavashi. You have to go on a date with your boyfriend in… the gym. This is a very romantic place for a date. Especially for you, yes. And convenient besides. No need to prepare, dress and make up for hours. But you still need to get together. To begin with, in the girl’s room, collect and put everything that will be needed in the hall in a backpack. Sometimes you need to look in cabinets and drawers. As soon as you are ready, immediately go to the hall. You are expected there. There you have a new task: to kiss a guy while no one is watching. While you are kissing, the column at the top of the screen fills up. Beware, people turn around and wonder about your personal life, if they notice how you bask in each other's arms, you will lose your life.

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