Baby Audrey Appendectomy

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An excellent game Surgeon Simulator will definitely appeal to those who want to try their hand at medical practice. Here you end up in a hospital and turn into a doctor. A girl comes to your appointment who complains of pain in her stomach. All symptoms point to appendicitis. This means that the patient needs urgent surgery. And you will carry it out! To do this, the game Surgeon Simulator provides you with all the necessary tools that you need to use for their intended purpose. Since you are definitely not an experienced doctor, you will carry out all manipulations under the supervision of a senior surgeon. It is she who will constantly give you hints about further actions. You should carefully read her instructions and act in accordance with them. Surgeon Simulator: Rules and Structure The game consists of several stages. In fact, you have to conduct a virtual operation, all the nuances of which coincide with the real ones. First, you need to palpate the patient's abdomen to find the right place. Then you can proceed to blood sampling for analysis and other necessary procedures. You will do all this under the strict guidance of an experienced doctor, so you will definitely not be mistaken in anything. At the top of the screen, the Surgeon Simulator game shows tips on which you should act. Your mentor will tell you in detail which tool you need to take and what needs to be done with it. You just have to choose the desired item from among those located at the bottom. If you make a mistake, the screen will turn red and a warning message will appear. Can you become a real doctor? Everyone knows that doctors have a difficult job. This is especially true for surgeons, because they need to perform operations as accurately, quickly and accurately as possible. And the game Simulator of the surgeon clearly proves the complexity of the work of doctors. Here you have to play the role of a real surgeon who is going to perform an operation on a patient. You will understand that even for such a relatively simple operation as the removal of appendicitis, it is necessary to use a large number of special tools. However, all this should not scare you, because you will have detailed tips. And even if you make a mistake in something, you can always try to complete the current task again, this time choosing the correct item. This virtual operation compares favorably with reality, isn't it?

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