City Car Driving Simulator 3

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Participate in really crazy races in the new super 3d racing game: Run from the police! Racing is generally a very risky activity. That is why it is so much appreciated by all adrenaline lovers! Speed, danger, the desire to win – all this tickles your nerves no worse than, for example, a parachute jump! But at the same time, it seems much more accessible, because the same jump for the sake of fifteen minutes of pleasure requires long and tedious hours of training and preparation …. And you can just get into the car and go wherever your eyes look! However, true connoisseurs find this already very gambling type of outdoor activity too simple and … you won’t believe it, but boring. That is why they are trying by any means to improve it: to make it even more dangerous and crazy. This is how races at night appear, city races through the streets among sleepy pedestrians and speed bumps, “auto-salting” (absolutely crazy fun in which cars chase each other and try to collide as much as possible – it is desirable to disable the enemy’s car at the same time) and others entertainment from the world of motorists. But, you must admit, nothing can tickle your nerves as much as driving a race with the police …. After all, firstly, in order to start such a race, you must first do a major mischief! You can't just walk up to a police car and offer the driver, some colonel or even a lieutenant, just to drive! At best, you will meet a bewildered look, otherwise you will also get an ear for inappropriate jokes with the authorities. Again, what's the point of racing with them if they don't see you as a criminal and put you behind bars if they win? No, you definitely have to mess around. And often it is even almost as interesting as the race itself! And secondly, the nerves will constantly be in suspense for the reason already voiced above. If you lose this race, something more than just your honor will suffer! Getting involved in such a race, you risk your own freedom – and no one is in the mood for jokes … Judge for yourself what risk you will be ready to take if not just some kind of machine is chasing you, but, say, three years of strict regime? Trust me, these additional racing options are so stimulating that you will forget about any danger and do everything just to break away from the pursuer !! But we are striving for this: as much adrenaline as possible and really crazy races! Just like in the game 3d racing: Escape from the police. Gameplay Moreover, in the game 3D racing: Escape from the police, your hero has done something completely indecent … How else to explain the fact that not one car was sent in pursuit of him, but probably a whole regiment? No matter where you look, there are police cars all around you!! The fact that it will be impossible to escape from them honestly becomes clear from the first seconds. However, we are used to it! If you can’t achieve anything here by honest methods, we will use dishonest ones. For example, to strive to ensure that police cars are buried under some debris: for example, from under a collapsed bridge it will be difficult for them to catch up with you! In order for these misfortunes with the police to happen, you will need to drive your car through the orange glow points above the road. The only pity is that all these methods affect no more than one car, and the rest then continue the pursuit, as if nothing had happened …. However, there is a good point: for each such destruction of a police car, you will be awarded bonus points – it's nice. Also, at the end of each level of the game 3d race: Escape from the police, you will be awarded bonuses for average speed. Of course, during your entire trip, the game carefully monitors your speed, and then some average result gives you as your final score, multiplied by ten. So, do not slow down – in your interests! To increase the speed, you can sometimes use the turbo mode or do not skip the upward slopes – they allow the car to take off for a while and contribute to the fact that your average speed increases. Try not to crash into fences and other cars – from this your own car will gradually become unusable. If this has already happened, do not miss the luminous wrench on the road – if you pass through it, your car will be automatically repaired! Controls in the game 3D racing: Escape from the police You will control your car using the keyboard. Use the up arrow key as a boost, steer with the left and right arrows, and back up if necessary by pressing the down arrow. You can call up the turbo mode by pressing the X key, and use the services of the transport truck (understudy) with the V button. The handbrake is activated by pressing the spacebar!

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