Doctor Panda

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The online game "Doctor Panda" for free to play invites everyone who dreams of becoming a doctor or a veterinarian when they grow up. Immediately after launch, it will take you to the hospital, to the surgeon's office. The first patient is already waiting here – a baby panda named Kika. He urgently needs medical attention. Kika decided to climb a tree, but could not resist and fell into the bushes, where someone had thrown the used glass. Now the poor child is covered in bruises and cuts. From the main character of the game, Dr. Panda, you need to quickly start treating Kiku: remove the fragments, disinfect the wounds, sew up deep cuts, treat with medicine and stick with a band-aid. You can’t hesitate – the next patients are waiting outside the door. The game about Dr. Panda and his friends develops mindfulness and teaches responsibility. All actions on the screen are performed with the mouse.

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