Freak Taxi Simulator

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The number of fans of the exciting game Taxi around the city is growing every day. Are you also not averse to trying on the role of a taxi driver in a huge metropolis? If the answer is "yes", give yourself an hour or two of free time and appreciate our exciting new car adventures. In the plot of the game Taxi around the city, you will find a lot of drive, excitement and overflowing emotions. No other toy can compare with the plot of the game Taxi around the city in the heat of passion. Thanks to the convenient gameplay, Taxi around the City games are a pleasure to play. Rather, download them to your computer and enjoy the indescribable feeling of racing through the intricate city streets. We promise you won't be bored for a second. Time in the ups and downs of the Taxi game around the city flies unnoticed. Before you know it, you'll spend the whole day behind them. So it's better to do your homework and other important things first, and only then be ready to immerse yourself in the difficult life of a taxi driver. Basic Rules of the City Taxi Game So, your first working day as a city taxi driver begins with a greeting from a taxi operator who will monitor all your movements, keep a record of the money you earn and sometimes advise what to do in a given situation. The goal of the City Taxi game is not original – you need to earn as many dollars as possible before the end of the working day. How to achieve it is also clear – to pick up and give a lift to the maximum number of passengers. A lot of people move along the streets of our virtual city, but your potential customers can be seen from afar – they are highlighted with bright green circles. If you see this – drive up closer and click on it with the mouse. The landing site will also be marked with a bright green icon – you can't go wrong. At the top of the screen, the number you earned per day is displayed. During the game, it will change all the time: then increase, then (if you just ride and do not pick up passengers) decrease. Try to make it bigger if you don't want to lose. Control Driving a car in a metropolis overloaded with people and other cars is a mega difficult and responsible task, which is why the functionality of the toy is impressive. Use the right and left arrow buttons to change the direction of your taxi, up to speed up and speed up, down to stop or brake. Using the keys with the letters MNR, you can turn on or turn off the musical accompaniment and set up the radio, and by pressing the numbers 1,2,3, you can switch channels on it. As you can see, despite the fact that there are quite a lot of functions, it is not difficult to deal with them. The developers have tried to make the gameplay comfortable and convenient for the players. The structure of the game Taxi around the city This wonderful toy is available in several versions at once. Choose which one you like best and enjoy the exciting adventures of the main character. "New game" means a standard game with delivering passengers to addresses and saving the result obtained at each level. "Practical exercises" means a simple learning trip, during which you will learn how to navigate the terrain, drive your car, find passengers and do a lot of other useful things. This variant of the City Taxi game also exists in several modifications: a five-minute training trip, ten minutes and unlimited – that is, not limited in time at all. We advise you to go through any of them at least once before moving on to the most difficult stage of the toy – "Time Trip". On it, you will find several missions that gradually become more difficult, in which you will have to manage to complete tasks within the allotted time. This is where your skill as a cool driver will show up (if you have it, of course). You will have to act very quickly and carefully, not to waste precious seconds on unnecessary gestures, but at the same time manage to earn the necessary amount of money. If you manage it – well done, you can go to the next level, no – alas, you will have to play Taxi around the city games from the very beginning.

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