Hospital Doctor

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Our new game Treat People has an entertaining plot and colorful graphics. She is a real gift for everyone who is interested in medicine and dreams of becoming a doctor. Do you want to experience something new, exciting and unusual? The Treat People games are great for this. Have fun and usefully spend time in the company of a colorful and original new game Treat People. We promise that the plot of the game Treat People will tell you a lot about the hard work of medical specialists. The only difficulty is that the toy is so exciting that it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from it. We are even afraid to guess how many minutes (or even hours!) You will spend on its passage. A huge request to you: try to do this without sacrificing lessons. Otherwise, the colorful graphics and fascinating plot of the game Treat People will bring you a lot of pleasure, and along the way will teach you something interesting and useful. With their help, you will learn how to provide first aid in situations that we often encounter in real life. Do you want to know which ones? Then quickly download this wonderful entertainment and start playing. What do we have to do? The goal of the game Treat People is to help an elderly woman who has had a stroke and teach you how to act competently in such situations. Just imagine, your hero was walking through a beautiful park, when suddenly his companion felt ill. She turned pale, clutched her temples, and almost fainted. Where to run, what to do? Of course, pick up the phone and urgently call an ambulance. In the meantime, she is going to do everything possible and impossible to make the unfortunate woman feel at least a little better. Using the tips of the game Treat People, perform several diagnostic operations to understand what happened, provide first aid and take them to the hospital. The toy will tell you by what signs you can determine the disease, and what needs to be done in this case. At the bottom of the screen, you have a whole arsenal of aids and things that can come in handy. Among them are paper napkins, a flashlight, a warm blanket and so on. When, how and what to use, you will learn during the game. The main thing – do not miss anything and do not confuse. If you don't act or make mistakes, a woman could die right in front of you. Of course, going through the level again will not be difficult, but imagine that a similar situation happened to you in real life? Game controls Treat people All you need to complete game tasks is a cursor and a mouse. With their help, click on the items with which you need to perform any action. Green arrows constantly appearing on the screen will tell you exactly what to do. And considering that the gameplay of the game Treat People is completely Russified, you can always use the hints from the top of the screen without fear that you have not translated or not accurately translated them from English. The toy is extremely exciting and useful, thanks to it you will learn a lot of new things. We wish you good luck in saving lives!

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