Kogama War

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For those who feel the lack of adrenaline, Roblox: Survival invites you to find yourself on an island lost in the ocean and fight for life with zombies that look like ugly robots. The location is a field, a forest edge and several abandoned houses from blocks in the distance. In "Roblox: Survival" it is possible to choose one of four characters: a doctor, a farmer, a policeman or a phyton. There are also several game modes. There is "Sandbloks" – the construction of protective structures, "Zombieland" – direct survival and skirmishes with monsters, "Death Match" – war with other participants and "Creating a new game". Participants enter Roblox survival mode relatively prepared: a loaded pistol, 24 boxes of cartridges, an ax and 2 first-aid kits. Character control – arrow keys, shooting – mouse, F – pick up an item, E – inventory and crafting, R – reload weapons.

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