Penalty Challenge

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Colorful games Football Penalty is a real gift for future Shevchenko, Ronaldo, Hernandez and Messi. Ready to be one of them? Trying on the role of a player of a famous football club and the star of this wonderful game is your old cherished dream? Football Penalty games will help to bring it to life at least for a while. You will get an incredible adrenaline rush by downloading Penalty Football games on your PC. A real holiday of sports will give you exciting games Football Penalty. In addition to the fact that breathtaking entertainment awaits you with them, such toys are a good simulator of some sports skills. And let them in no way save you from the need for hard training with the ball in a real stadium, but they will become a useful and pleasant addition to them. Go to in the football section of the site, download the latest version of the Football Penalty game and enjoy. A little background information Most of the participants in the Football Penalty game are longtime fans of this wonderful sport and do not need to be explained the rules (they know them by heart). But for newcomers who have recently joined their numerous ranks, we consider it necessary to clarify some terms. So, a penalty kick is a free kick to the opponent's goal, which breaks from a distance of exactly 12 yards (or 11 meters more familiar to us). The goalkeeper of the team against which the ball is about to be kicked may be on his intended line of flight, creating an obstruction, but may neither move towards the ball nor touch it. Usually, a penalty is awarded if one of the players of the defending team has violated the rules regarding opposing players. A penalty is considered a rather harsh punishment, because in 95 cases out of 100 this kick ends in a goal. Players are often afraid of the referee's decision to award a penalty and try to challenge it in all possible and impossible ways. Such attempts rarely end in success, but they create a decent hassle on the field. It's good that in the vicissitudes of the game Football Penalty, the developers did not think of inserting the option to challenge the referee's decisions. Indeed, in this case, this wonderful toy would turn from an excellent virtual training into an endless showdown. Rules of the Game Football Penalties As already noted, this toy is a great simulator for practicing the skills of punching free kicks at the opponent's goal. Its stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay create the full effect of being on a real football field. There are no sketchy images, no cartoon characters, no fantastic game elements. It creates an absolutely plausible feeling that you are in the center of the stadium, next to your teammates, opponents and referees, and around the stands filled with spectators. Exciting feeling! But now is not the time to get into the lyrics. In any case, you. The object of the Football Penalty game (and therefore yours at the moment too) is to pull yourself together, aim carefully and score a brilliant free kick in the opposing team's goal. The absence of a goalkeeper in them greatly facilitates the task. You can shoot a penalty in two ways: a simple direct pass of the ball into the goal when it rolls on the ground, and a “twisted” serve with a throw. To apply the first method, simply select the direction of impact and click on the ball with the mouse. For the second, click in the same way, but hold down the mouse button until the ball that has taken off into the air falls to the ground. In order to succeed and become the champion of the Football Penalty game, you need to carefully choose the direction of the ball. You can send it directly to the gate, or you can send it a little to the side so that it ricochets and hits right on target. Both methods have the right to exist. Which one to use in which situation is up to you. It's great that the game Football Penalty gives you the opportunity to work out both shots and bring your ability to send the ball into the goal to perfection. Train in it more often, and then it will be much easier for you to navigate in a real stadium. Good luck!

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