Police Chase Turn Based Game

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"Police Chase Turn Based Game" is an interesting turn based quest game in which you have to escape from the police chase while collecting gold and destroying enemies. Click "Continue As Guest" to get started. To pass the level, you need to cope with the task of collecting coins. Above is the amount you need to collect. Choose a path to get out of the police encirclement. Make your way through the bushes, avoiding boulders. Collect boxes (you can find weapons in them) and tanks to replenish gasoline. Use the bullets to shoot the enemy, and the drill to destroy the stones on the road. Click on the weapon icon or number to switch to it (it should be highlighted). On the circle on the right, arrows will light up, in which direction you can fire. Click on the desired arrow with the mouse or cursor. If you want to switch back to riding, click on the weapon button on the left to turn it off.

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