Snail Bob 8 Island Story

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A free online game for 10 year olds invites boys and girls to take part in the amazing adventures of Bob the snail on a desert island. Children will have to show ingenuity and ingenuity in order to solve tricky puzzles and help their favorite character out of another alteration. It was a frosty day when Bob and his grandfather decided to go ice fishing. The fishermen made an ice-hole, threw their rods in and waited for a bite. The inventor Bob, looking at the float, dreamed that he could catch a miracle fish or a fabulous mermaid. But something incredible happened in the game: terrorist frogs sawed off the ice, and the snail was swept into the sea. A block washed up on the shores of a tropical island. Thus began the fantasy islander story of Bob, in which children will be able to participate in a children's game for 10 years. Ahead of the hero, a lot of obstacles and traps await, predatory savages will open a hunt for him to cook in soup. And only the ability of 10-year-old children to find a way out of a difficult situation will help him in the game to avoid the sad fate of being eaten by the natives. Thinking over the puzzles of the game will contribute to the development of thinking and intelligence of children. Children's flash games, designed for children 10 years old, are available on our website for free online.

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