Swat vs Zombies

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A self-confident commando will clear your area from the beginning zombie apocalypse… Apply to the game SWAT against zombies!! And they keep going and going. You can even say – knocked down. It seems that the zombies do not understand: it is better not to mess with the special forces!! Especially for the ghouls: well, where do half-rotted walking corpses compete with the elite of the Russian army ??? However, there is nothing to pity them. No one forces you – they themselves climb on the rampage. Zombies are different: fat, skinny, flying… And they all attack your hero in a confident crowd! Aim and shoot them with your mouse! To kill a zombie, you need to shoot off his head, both arms and shoot him in the stomach. Earn money and buy more deadly guns in the game store to stand against the dead.

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