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The game "Yorg.io" is an interesting io strategy in Russian for the defense of the base, in which you have to extract resources, build factories, install guns to repel zombie attacks and survive. Before starting the game, press the purple "Training" button to receive step-by-step instructions in Russian on how to play. Then enter a nickname, select a mode and click "Play". Find a place with a lot of resources and set up a base. You will find all the tools on the panel below. Place a crystal near the red stone. Near the gray cart for metal mining. Place a plant for the production of cores nearby. Install a cannon around the base. Press the icon under the letter "F" and connect the iron mining site, the factory with the cannonballs and the cannon. At night, a zombie attack will begin. During the day, upgrade the base and get upset. If the zombies destroy the station, you will lose.

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